Con-Artist Poses as Titlemax Employee

The day a person becomes so ruthless for cash, they find themselves dressing up as a Titlemax employee to steal money from unsuspecting, desperate customers in need of immediate cash, is a very sad and disturbing day. Single mother of three, Teri Cody, was one of those customers in serious need of cash to pay some bills. Smelling the scent of his prey through a phone call, the predator set his eyes on his meal for the day. The con-artist took the respected brand of Titlemax and became the nightmare to countless victims in the state of Georgia.

Authorities have not released the name of the crook who was a former employee of the title loan franchise. He was terminated from his position with Titlemax well over a year ago, but apparently held onto his name tag, company shirt, and Titlemax documents.

The bandit calls his prey and instructs them to meet him at a third party location. Customers who are not familiar with the title loan process would not question a process they are not familiar with. Once the crook quotes the amount of cash the customer will receive by bringing in the title to their vehicle, a customer in an emergency state needing to pay their child’s tuition or save their home from foreclosure is ready to take the next step to get the cash in their hands. He meets the customer dressed in Titlemax attire with a Titlemax name tag and hands over Titlemax paperwork to fill out at a gas station.

In Cody’s case, she needed $1500 and was instructed to bring him $600 along with the title to her car. She followed his instructions. When she followed up to complete the process, his contact number no longer worked.

A legitimate car title lender, such as car title loans Sacramento, would never ask a customer to meet outside a store location to do business, and would never ask for any amount of cash up front.

Going into a state of panic, Cody went to the Titlemax location to discover the crook had been fired over a year ago. Cody is now out of $600 and very concerned about the title to her car. She told investigators the man came across very professional and convincing. She did not question why he requested to meet at a gas station instead of a Titlemax location. Cody hopes her story will save anyone else from becoming his next victim. The police not only need to release his name, but also a photo for innocent Georgia residents to recognize and report him as soon as possible.

For those in an emergency situation and a title loan could possibly be the quick solution, steer clear of anyone asking for money upfront. Beware of anyone instructing you to meet them at a third party location outside a Titlemax store. If anyone encounters a situation that appears suspect, please call 706-821-1080 immediately.

Beware of predators sniffing out their prey for the day…


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